Writing Story In All Things

What’s nice about the writing life is that story presents itself all around us. We don’t even have to try. My Italian grandpa can tell a funny story quicker than he can sneeze because culturally that has been what has been done for years. Decades. Centuries even, if we are really talking history. The fact that my grandpa can tell a story solely to make you laugh and prove a point at the same time is at its core the fine art of telling a really good story – one filled with suspense, intrigue, entertainment. In my family and now in my classroom family this is truly important. And why?

Personal Connection.

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Writing Dedication

For my God and Creator.
The Ultimate Healer.
Lover of My Soul.
The One who created a New Song in me.
To Sing and Dance.
For My Students.
The ones God anointed me to protect, guide, mother, and mold.
For My Future Family.
I prayed God would bless Every Word Written here on these pages.
I prayed God would Fill My Cup.
With His Love leading and guiding.

Now watch Your Story unfold.

—Cassandra Jean Mainero, February 2017—

I wrote this poem as a dedication page to my graduate school thesis. And as I look back at it almost a year later it brings tears to my eyes! Oh, what a journey the Lord set before me and I didn’t even know! Writing is a funny thing. To me, writing has always been a life-long friend. I was always way better at writing than speaking. The Lord is graciously changing that. But, I was always way better at writing than reading because to me it just sounded like way more fun.

Why read someone else’s made up story when you can write your own? Don’t get me wrong, I love reading. I love literature and prose and Shakespeare, of course. Every author has their own way with words. But as an English teacher, I’ve got a secret. Reading wouldn’t be all that it’s cracked up to be if someone didn’t start writing their thoughts down first. I get asked that question all the time by my students. Which do you prefer? Reading or Writing? And my answer still remains the same.

Writing. Winner. Always.

–Cassandra Jean Mainero