Writing Story In All Things

What’s nice about the writing life is that story presents itself all around us. We don’t even have to try. My Italian grandpa can tell a funny story quicker than he can sneeze because culturally that has been what has been done for years. Decades. Centuries even, if we are really talking history. The fact that my grandpa can tell a story solely to make you laugh and prove a point at the same time is at its core the fine art of telling a really good story – one filled with suspense, intrigue, entertainment. In my family and now in my classroom family this is truly important. And why?

Personal Connection.

Every good author writes for a couple of very clear reasons that I’m supposed to teach to my students during the day at school. Those are very simple. PIE. Persuade. Inform. Entertain. (BORING if you ask me!) But I believe, as a writer and story teller, there’s no way those are the only three reasons why an author writes. It’s staggeringly more complicated than that. Here’s what I think:  1. He or she has something to say. 2. Entertainment, 3. He or she finds it forbidden to say what’s actually going on in his or her mind in public, 4. Humor (goes with #2 (the #2 listed above – NOT the other kind.) 5. Their own Peace of Mind and Tranquility. 6. Stubbornness (more on that in a completely separate post) 7. Because it’s fun!

Clearly, not as simple as I’m supposed to teach my kiddos. The list could go on forever. Because every person who comes to the table with thoughts in their brain comes with things to say that have meaning – whether its written out on paper, said verbally or even non-verbally (lots to say about that one, but we are merely just starting here). And some of those things that have meaning could, very well in fact, save another person. Ever think about that?

Words can save.

Did you hear me on that one? Words can save. How many of us find ourselves going through a horrible, no good, very bad day just like our poor friend Alexander once did and suddenly you bump into someone who is all Sparkles and Sunshine and poof! All those horrible, no good, very bad day type of worries and woes are simply gone because someone put what you were going through in a different perspective for you with their words. Something that then changed you. The circumstance or situation that left you feeling fearful, or worried or even dare I say it “unaccepted” to the outside world suddenly became relatable. Better yet, filled with meaning so that one day you could come around alongside someone else and save them with YOUR words.

So as I begin this new creative writing season, I still must teach. Once a teacher, always a teacher. Have you ever had a moment in your life, when someone else’s words truly saved you that day? And then even better yet, it became a part of your true life story? I’m willing to tell you my story if you are willing to tell yours. So let’s write our stories together here on in-all-things.com and make it all worth our while.

— Cassandra Jean Mainero

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